Helping you ensure regulatory compliance

We believe it is part of our responsibility to help our insurer clients to comply with the myriad of regulations, legislation and guidance notes that govern their activities.

Treating Customers Fairly is embedded within the DNA of Halo, as is our belief that we have a duty to provide a service that fulfils our clients’ needs to always be open, honest and transparent when dealing with policyholders, third parties or intermediaries.


We also have a clear focus on eliminating potential fraud through the presentation of exaggerated claims, working with our insurer clients to identify false personal injury claims, and helping them comply with any relevant Codes of Conduct from the ABI.

The unique Halo pricing model eliminates potential conflicts between the supplier, insurer and policyholder whilst our internal policies and practices of recruitment, remuneration and recognition help to ensure that we are all working towards the common goal of providing a cost effective, high quality and speedy repair service

Halo is a trusted and integral part of our clients’ supply chain and we are very conscious of our role in protecting the best interests of both policyholders and insurers alike. The safety of repairs to customers’ vehicles is paramount and we will never compromise the quality of the work that we do.

Our quality promise is backed up by our service guarantee