Safe and Supercharged EV Repairs

Halo safe and supercharged EV repairs

Halo has invested in a new future thinking business model, focused on extraordinary customer experience and safe EV vehicle repair.

We are leading the way in preparing for the future by delivering today. With more electric cars registered in the UK during 2021 than in the previous five years, Halo is charging forward and created an EV vehicle repair model which provides policyholders with an extraordinary standard of service, whilst continuing to reduce costs for insurers without sacrificing quality. Our strategy is scalable and will grow as more EV vehicles are registered in the UK.

EV customers are not only investing in the planet, but also investing in the vehicle itself. These future thinking customers deserve not just the right and safe repair for their EV vehicle, but their own stand-out service offering in the event of a claim. Our new supercharged approach is derived from our existing five-star Trustpilot rated provision, tailored to the specialist requirements of an EV customer.

Our extraordinary approach to EV vehicle repair

We have dedicated head-office workshop facilities and purpose built workbays dedicated to EV repair, designed to meet health and safety regulations, with the most up-to-date equipment such as rubberised floors and specialist bespoke tool-stations. We also provide free external charging stations.

Our extraordinary team

We are taking a fresh approach to EV training, using external accredited bodies and internal programmes to enhance our culture and skillsets. We have created a team of EV experts through our new Halo Academy, which includes training on the specialist equipment required, and clearly defined procedures for safe and supercharged repairs. This has enabled the Halo business to embrace the change and enhance our culture to become the future of electric repair.

The future is electric

In 2021, electric vehicle sales increased by 123.4%, whilst petrol and diesel run cars dropped by 63.8%. The internal combustion engine ban may be from 2030, however EV sales are already skyrocketing, and with nearly every car manufacturer having a strategy to transform its product range, we believe that many consumers and businesses will have made the switch long before the 2030 deadline date.

Our future proofed model will grow in line with the UK’s EV claims volume. The future of EV is becoming much more of a reality, and Halo is switched on ready to provide you with safe and supercharged EV repairs.

With new our ‘Safe and Supercharged EV Repair model’, we are creating a stronger business for the future to support our clients, customers and internal people.