Putting great service at the heart of everything we do

We know that our happy customers are your happy customers.

80% of Halo customers will have their fully repaired vehicle returned to them in an average of two days or less. This rises to 100% of vehicles being returned to customers after an average of just three days.


Working closely with our customers we are able to ensure that the damaged vehicle is ready for repair within minutes of arrival on site and the whole repair is a single continuous process without any of the delays associated with more traditional methods of working

With the comfort of knowing that their vehicle is in the hands of dedicated professionals, working in bespoke premises, with only the latest equipment, customers are secure in the knowledge that their vehicle is being well cared for – and the design of Halo repair centres means that customers can even stay on site, enjoy free wi-fi access, and watch their vehicle being repaired through our workshop viewing window.

Accident Repairs while you wait

The Halo speed of repair means that our customers never complain about a ‘lack of communication’. A combination of the very short repair cycles that we achieve, and the efforts of our dedicated national customer support centre, means that our customers always know in advance what is happening and when they can confidently expect that their fully restored vehicle will be returned to them

By truly revolutionising our service offer we bring new benefits to the policyholder, new opportunities to strengthen the insurer brand, and achieve new heights of customer satisfaction.

We can help you evaluate, and adhere to, UK legislation