A lifetime guarantee of quality workmanship

We’re so confident that the processes we’ve developed over the years are second to none, we have a guarantee that’s second to none.

Our simple philosophy of ‘do it once, do it right’ is backed by a sophisticated quality assurance process which tracks the vehicle from the moment it arrives to the moment it leaves. This means that we can confidently provide a lifetime guarantee on labour and paint work supported by manufacturers guarantees on parts.

Service guarnatees

Digital photography at every stage of the repair, including detailed recording of parts removed and new parts fitted, helps to ensure that our record of producing first class repairs remains unblemished.

A key part of our success in this regard is the way in which we have separated the quality assurance process from that of the repair – which means that every repair is checked by an independent pair of eyes before despatch of the vehicle to the customer.

In this way we ensure that there is no temptation to accept second best and no incentive to try and deceive the customer into accepting sub standard work

Added to this internal culture is the unique Halo pricing model which means that the potential conflict between our insurers and their suppliers regarding the right price for the repair has been completely eliminated

Our people, processes and desire for perfection combine to create the very highest quality of repairs that leaves our customers safe and secure in the knowledge of a job well done

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