An accident repair service built around our customers' needs

Halo is the leading supplier of Accident Repair services to the insurer, motor manufacturer and claims management sectors.

With a unique and unrelenting focus on reducing the costs of claims, delivering a vastly superior customer experience, and helping our clients to conform to the rules, regulations and legislation that affect them, we can justifiably claim to be at the very forefront of industry practices and standards

Accompanied by a lifetime guarantee of quality for labour and paint, our repair standards are second to none and are accompanied by a series of key differentiating features that help to deliver improved benefits to our corporate clients and individual customers alike;


Bespoke locations

Every location of a Halo branch is determined by the precise geographical needs of our clients for repair capacity. We only establish an outlet at the specific request of a client to meet proven needs within a particular area.


Solus supply options

Every individual branch of Halo is dedicated solely to meeting the repair needs of a insurer clients. In this way we are able to ensure that the exact policies, procedures and system requirements of our clients are being met in full and we can jointly reduce administration costs.


New pricing models

We actively consider repair options in order to supply a lower average repair cost for our business partners.



Capacity targeting

We are able to open from 1 to 100 branches for an individual client according to their local, regional and national needs. Areas that are currently performing poorly in terms of repair costs and customer service can be targeted for early stage improvement.

We can dramatically reduce repair costs without sacrificing quality