Section 1: Excess and VAT

Section 2: General Information

Section 3: Terms of Services

Section 4: Manufacturer Approved Recycled Parts

Terms and Conditions


EXCESS or VAT PAYMENTS (excludes LV & Allianz customers)

Any EXCESS or VAT payments that are applicable must be paid 24 hours prior to collection of the vehicle and should be paid by CARD ONLY (excluding Amex) over the phone.

Section 2: General Information

Storage Charges

Halo reserve the right to charge a daily storage fee of £25.00 if a vehicle is stored on site due to return arrangements not being adhered to by the customer.

Call Recordings

All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

New Paint

After we apply fresh paint to your vehicle, we ask that the customers waits at least 6 weeks (total stabilisation time of the paint) before washing the car with a pressure wash or taking it to a car wash.

Personal Belongings

Halo cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to any possessions left in a vehicle whilst in for repair.  It is the owner’s responsibility to remove any and all personal possessions/belongings prior to the handover. This includes (but is not limited to) the following – mobile phones, sunglasses, portable satnavs, tablets, laptops, loose change, credit/debit cards.

Pre-Accident Damage

Any damage caused prior to the accident will be recorded as ‘pre-accident’ damage.  This will be noted on a form signed by the customer and images will be taken on arrival to site.  Any indicated damage noted (via the signed form or images) is the customer’s responsibility and Halo cannot be held liable.

Latent vehicle issues

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to prove that a latent issue (engine management lights, knocking or rattling noises) is attributed to the repair work or accident impact.  Halo will only investigate free of charge if the vehicle is brought to the site by the owner.  Halo will not accept latent issues under warranty until a report is provided from a dealership.

Section 3: Terms of Service

Repair duration

We aim to have vehicles repaired and safely back on the road within 2-3 working days (this will be dependent on parts availability).  To avoid incurring storage charges, the customer must be available for return within 24 hours of the vehicles completion.

Work Carried Out

All work (both repair and replacement) is carried out according to the BSI specific to the vehicles exact make and model.

After Care Service

Once the vehicle is returned safely to the owner, we have a dedicated After Care Team ready to answer any queries relating to the repair of the vehicle.  If you have any queries, please call 01243 544500 and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Section 4: Manufacturer Approved Recycled Parts – PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE OPTED IN TO OUR RECCYLED PARTS SCHEME

Halo use recycled parts through an approved ‘green parts’ scheme.  Recycled parts are only ever used with the vehicle owner’s consent.

BSI Approved Non OE Parts

These parts will be used for vehicles over 3 years old at Halo’s discretion.