Our aim is to ensure a supportive, clear and productive communication to everyone. To ensure we continue to achieve our excellent level of service during these challenging times.

Below are some of the new implementations we have put in place for our team and customers.

 Our team

  • Nominated a Group Manager for all staff to contact for advice, support or questions.
  • All employees will complete training on the company’s C-19 policies and procedures.
  • All sites have a designated C-19 Station in all workshops with new signage, P.P.E and sanitiser.
  • Increased the amount of P.P.E, soap and sanitiser held in stock.
  • Temperatures are taken as our team arrive and recorded.
  • In-person meetings should be done virtually where possible, especially with non-company parties.
  • Ensure all windows / doors are open to ensure good ventilation.

Our customers

  • All new C-19 vehicle handover steps are explained to the customer fully on our initial contact.
  • Our drivers carry antibacterial wipes, sanitiser and additional PPE with them at all times for our customers safety and their own.
  • The Halo C-19 vehicle kit, consist of a steering wheel cover, hand brake and gear stick covers and footwell protection.
  • Customers will not be expected to sign our electronic devices, and all documents are emailed at the point of handover.
  • All vehicles are cleaned thoroughly inside and out when entering site to ensure our teams safety and prior to their return ensuring the same for all of our customers.
  • Full C-19 CAR CARE KITS are in place the entire time the vehicle is in Halo’s care.
  • On returning of the vehicle Halo will ensure our customers are present, so they can see the high standard we achieve in regards the then removal of the C-19 KIT and the vehicles hand to hand contact areas fully re-cleaned.


“Do the right thing”