Alloy Wheel Repairs

Halo Wheel


£75.00* per standard wheel

£90.00* per diamond cut wheel

 24 hour turnaround

Free collection & delivery*

Contact the Detailing Team:

Telephone: 01243 544500


Opening Hours Mon – Fri 7am – 5pm Sat 7am – 12pm

Alloy Wheel Area

Terms & Conditions*

  • Prices shown above are for kerb, scuff and scratch damage only
  • Any corrosion, recolour or damage requiring an acid dip will be separately assessed
  • Free collection and delivery within a SEVEN miles radius
  • All vehicles, where applicable, must be supplied with the locking wheel nut keys
  • Halo accepts no responsibility for goods or articles left in the vehicle
  • All customers vehicles must be fully covered by their own insurance whilst left in Halo possession
  • Halo endeavours to refurbish all wheels but cannot be held responsible for any unforseen problems such as poor casting, hidden cracks or excessive corrosion. We will contact customer to discuss options if such a problem comes to light
  • 6 months guarantee on labour and paint. Latent damage due to impact or corrosive materials will void any warranty claim
  • All wheel bolts will be torqued to the correct manufacturers specification. Customers are responsible for re-checking wheel bolts after an initial bedding in period of 50 miles


We can dramatically reduce repair costs without sacrificing quality